Zoe from WA

"The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleepers have only been in Australia a short time but already they are receiving some great reviews. Here are just a few that we have received from Australian parents:

I'm a new mum and have a 4 month old boy. I purchased the Arms Reach Euro-Mini, when he was almost 3 months. I can't really express how amazing this product truly is! My little one was in a normal bassinet next to my bed and we used to roll it out to the lounge area during the day and roll it back at night, which was quite inconvenient. It also took up so much room and was always in the way in the bedroom. My back and shoulders were getting very sore having to sit up in bed and check my boy, to get him out I would have to get out of bed because it was so deep.

Then I stumbled across the Co sleeper and my baby and I have never slept better!
I could simply open my eyes to see him, reach across to soothe him, comfort him, re tuck him, scoop him up and feed him, all without even getting out of bed!! This way we all have a longer, happier, comfier, and SAFER sleep. How can you really put a price on your child’s safety and well-being?

I can't stress enough how much of a must have product this really is! Highly recommended to all mums!!!!!! "

Nicole from Queensland



"I am VERY happy with the Co-sleeper Mini, so much so that my only problem with it is that I will have to stop using it in a couple of months.
Other than that I have nothing but good things to say: great next step for us from bed sharing with my newborn, good design features such as storage underneath, extensions made it the perfect fit to our bed (would probably recommend friends buy these as a matter of course as you could never be certain it would be exactly right height).

Finally, I have many friends who are interested in the benefits of co-sleeping, some of whom still have fears about safety. This product gives you all the great benefits of closeness and connection and alleviates the fears some have with baby being in bed with parents."

Brad from NSW



"The Co sleeper has been great for us as it has plenty of storage, the flexibility to have one side fold down for one on one closeness and to be portable has been greatest asset. Best buy for the new baby :) Thank you"

Suzanne from Victoria



"We love our Co -Sleeper and so does bubs. We chose this bassinet because of the canopy because we have cats and this distracts them from climbing in with our baby. Its really easy to move from room to room and the closed in storage compartment underneath is really handy. We have had lots of compliments from visitors on how nice it looks too."

Nicole from NSW



"We love the Co-sleeper (Euro-Mini)! Zander doesn't have to cry to wake me for a feed, I wake to him sucking his fists. I put him back down when he's sleepy but not asleep, and he lies calmly mimicking my sleepy eyes until we both fall asleep (usually).
When he makes choking noises or throws up during the night, I can respond immediately. I believe in responsive parenting especially at this young age, and the Co-sleeper facilitates that.
It feels like a very safe way to co-sleep, with the mesh sides and secure fitting, and it provides a way for Zander to learn to sleep in his own space while knowing that he is safe."